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Gold Peak Roofing — Rely On Us!

Are you concerned about the condition of your home siding, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky?

As a crucial part of your home’s barrier against the elements, your siding can take quite a beating from wind, rain, ice, heat, pests, or anything else nature might throw your way.

When did you last have your siding looked at by professional siding contractors? If it’s been a while, why not have us take a look? If we see signs of damage, we’ll let you know and then discuss your options.

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Cincinnati Siding Installation & Repair from Gold Peak Roofing
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Options For Damaged Siding

There are two remedies for siding damage: siding repair or replacement. As siding contractors, our recommendation will depend on factors such as:

  • The age and overall condition of the siding
  • The severity of the damage.

For example, a small hole on the surface is probably a simple siding repair. However, extensive damage underneath might require a replacement.

Siding Repair

If the damage is limited and there’s no damage from water, insects, and so on behind the siding, this is probably something we can fix. Most siding repair involves simple patching or replacing a panel.n

Siding Replacement

If the damage is severe, we’ll recommend replacing all or part of your siding — depending on its age and our ability to match the color and texture. No worries, though. Siding doesn’t last forever, and you’ll love our selection. For instance, you would be amazed at what the latest in vinyl siding installation does for an older home!

Why Gold Peak Roofing?

We can think of three reasons why working with us is the smart choice:

  • Over 20 years of experience in the business
  • The care and attention we give our projects
  • The overall value we provide

If you believe your siding is damaged, don’t stress over what to do about it. Call us, your Metro Cincinnati siding contractors! We’ll provide a free estimate on siding repair or replacement.

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If you need siding in Cincinnati, Ohio, our experience and expertise will turn your siding problem into an attractive solution — to be admired by everyone who sees it.

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Cincinnati Siding Installation & Repair Services

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