Box Gutters: Everything You Need to Know

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The use of box gutters dates back to as far as the late 1800s. However, the box gutters of the past underwent a massive makeover when compared to the modern-day gutters. Since they’re almost obsolete, is it an excellent idea to bring them to your home? Here is a guide that tells you everything about box gutters. 

The Difference Between Box Gutters and Modern Gutters

The main difference would be the material of the gutter. In the past, the limited availability of materials available forced homeowners to use a thin metal sheet on a wooden frame as their gutter, which is what we refer to today as the box gutter. The flat sheet of metal is typically a corrosion-resistant material like copper, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. Box gutters are either built into the roof or underneath the roof itself.

Modern gutters are a 360-degree makeover since they are made entirely of corrosion-resistant metal and installed separately from your roofing or exterior walls. However, that doesn’t mean that box gutters completely lost their functionality because they can be the better choice depending on the situation.

The Benefits and Consequences of Box Gutters

One benefit of box gutters is related to aesthetics. Since its body frame is wood, it blends seamlessly in house architecture, which is perfect for houses with preserved historical aesthetics that need a roofing renovation.

On the downside, they have a long list of disadvantages. Take note that modern gutters don’t possess a single one of those shortcomings. First, they tend to cost more since they’re not produced in bulk by manufacturers, and you need to hire workers with specialized skills to make them. Second, they can drain your pockets with routine maintenance, especially with water problems. Lastly, you need to immediately call for professional help if their wooden frames start to rot from moisture from the rain or the environment. If left unattended, it could cause severe damage to the building’s structural integrity.

Are Box Gutters a Viable Choice for My Home?

The decision is a personal choice but is mainly dependent on your home’s architectural style. However, there are also things you need to consider if you want to renovate your old home with traditional design. First is the authenticity of your old home’s aesthetics. If you badly want to preserve it, then box gutters are the only way to go. For the second consideration, the cost of building and maintaining it is ridiculously expensive.

Remember that the wooden frames of box gutters get damaged easily by moisture and require frequent repairs, mainly if you live in areas that always have a torrential downpour of rain. If you’re also budget-constrained, modern gutters are the obvious choice.

Remember that although box gutters were the norm in the past, they’re not the most popular choice nowadays. Modern homes typically have gutters made with all-metal chassis and sheet covers to ensure a long lifespan compared to a gutter sporting a wooden frame. However, if you’re still tight on budget with all-metal variants, vinyl drains are your next options. Whatever your needs are, be extra careful with examining every option you have to ensure you pick the best decision that maximizes your investment.

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Drew Isenhour

Drew Isenhour

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