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We are in business to make a stressful situation easier. Having a roof leak or having your home damaged in a storm can be very stressful. We aim to work with your insurance company to get your home fixed quickly and easily. We use high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to make sure your roof lasts!

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Roof Replacement Deena Drive Villa Hills KY 41017

Excellence and Professionalism

At Gold Peak we are about service! We want to make the process of getting your roof repaired or replaced simple. We are attentive your needs and communicate with you and your insurance company to make sure the job gets done right!

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We can help you identify roof damage and see that your insurance company pays for that damage not you! If you have questions feel free to call us. We love to help our customers and can educate you on the process. 

Roof Replacement Deena Drive Villa Hills KY 41017

About Our Roofing Contractors Cincinnati Services

What kind of services do we offer and what can you expect from us when you work with us? Here, you’re going to learn a little more about what we have to offer as roofing contractors in Cincinnati. If you want to get roofing done right, read on to learn more.

We help people with roofing matters in the greater Cincinnati area and in Northern Kentucky. So, if you have a building or a home in either of those areas, we’re here to help you. We also do siding, window, and gutter related work for people that need it. No matter what is going on with your roof or the outside of your home in other areas, contact us. We’ll send someone out that knows what they are doing and that can take the problem on with no problem at all because they will be well trained.

Here at Gold Peak Roofing, we don’t just do residential work. We also work with commercial buildings. If you have a business in a building with a roofing issue, contact us and you’re sure to get it taken care of right away. Roofing for commercial buildings can be a little more involved because the roofs are higher up, have different shapes than residential homes, and they are more dangerous to work on in some cases. The good news is, we’ve done a lot of commercial roofing work so we’ll know how to make sure you’re happy with the end result.

Gold Peak Roofing in Cincinnati does great work for homeowners. If you don’t even have a roofing issue but want to know if there is one you’re not seeing, let us know. If you haven’t gotten an inspection done in quite some time, now is the time to get one. That way, if there are any issues that need to be taken care of, they can be dealt with right away. If you wait a long time to get an inspection done, the problems that are already there will get worse and more expensive to fix as time goes on.

If you want to get professional customer service in the Northern Kentucky or greater Cincinnati areas then you should contact us right away. We have people on staff that are willing to come out to help you when it’s convenient for you. Just let us know what your schedule is like and when we can meet up with you to check out the property that you want roofing work done on. We only send out professionals that know roofing inside and out so you’re sure to get the best assistance if you work with our team right away!

Now you know what our roofing contractors Cincinnati services can do for you. There are a lot of tasks we can take on and we do great work for a great price. If you do your research on us you’re sure to find out that most of our past customers have been pleased with our work.

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Got this leaky Bay window all ice guarded with new shingles and some fresh metal. This repair is built to last!

Gold Peak Roofing Providing Cincinnati Roofing Services installing a new roof

2 layer tear off in Villa Hills. No felt under this roof. 😳 Stay tuned for some drone footage of this job.

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Customer had an active leak at the chimney so we tore out the chimney flashing and replaced it. He loved it and it will last! Call us if you need you flashing inspected or repaired.

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