3 Signs That You Need to Change Your Vinyl Siding

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Siding is a protective armor for your walls that help add aesthetics and a ton of functionalities. Most modern sidings contribute to your home’s insulation and protection using engineering principles. However, vinyl siding can deteriorate as time progresses because of the harsh elements outside. Even if you are keen on the maintenance of your siding, its replacement is bound to happen. 

Damaged siding can affect not only your exterior but also your interior. Broken siding means that your bare walls are susceptible to the threats of moisture. When water seeps into your walls, it could penetrate your interior. 

The phenomenon could lead to peeling paint or loosening wallpapers, which means that humidity has started to accumulate within your walls. As time progresses, fungi growth, mold, and mildew can propagate in your walls rapidly, which can cause detrimental health effects to your loved ones.

Routine inspections of your siding can help determine if it needs replacements. Storms and other harsh weather conditions like an intense winter blizzard means a post-disaster check-up on your siding. Hiring siding contractors with the right experience and expertise can help you conduct a professional-grade inspection. 

Here are some of the signs that could indicate your vinyl siding need immediate replacement:

1. Physical deformities in your siding

Cracks, gaps, and holes in your siding are more than just an eyesore. The open spaces are an excellent medium to allow water to infiltrate your walls. Physical deformities also lessen the structural integrity of siding, which can cause it to break during a harsh storm. 

Bare bald spots in your wall increase the risk of more significant problems arising in your home. Experts recommend immediate replacement of broken siding to help maintain your home’s durability.

Additionally, holes in siding could indicate an insect infestation beneath. It is crucial to call a pest exterminator to kill the bugs before they reproduce into annoying or damaging numbers.

2. Loose or warped sidings

When you’re performing an inspection, check the siding from every angle. There might be siding that is no longer sticking to the walls, which makes it loose with bulging areas. When that happens, there could be impending damage beneath the siding. Call a siding contractor to inspect the damage and give you recommendations on the next steps to take.

3. Utility bills skyrocket

Siding has a lifespan like any other housing element. Its functionality decreases as it ages, at at some point you may need the help of professional siding contractor to replace them. In doing so, you continuously protect the structural integrity of your walls and home. 

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The maintenance of your downspout protects your house from decay and corrosion. By knowing these early detection signs of your downspout’s degradation, you can resolve issues before it gets worse. If the issue becomes too big for you to handle, remember that you can call a professional roofing repair company immediately for assistance.

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Drew Isenhour

Drew Isenhour

Owner of Gold Peak Roofing

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