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3 Signs Showing That Your Roof Needs Replacing

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While homeowners would love to think that houses will last forever, that’s far from reality. Over time, things get old, damaged, and deteriorate. Because of this, repair, replacements, and upgrades are required to ensure that the home remains not only intact but a safe environment for its inhabitants.

That said, one of the things you need to pay attention to when it comes to replacing parts of your home would be the roof. While they’re built to last for many years, they’ll still need to be replaced after a while.

Here are three signs your roof needs to be replaced:

1. Deformed or Cracked Roof Shingles

When your roof’s shingles get old, they’ll exhibit one of two symptoms. 

First, you might find them curled from their corners while others are rather swollen in the center. Second, you might discover cracks in the shingles or some shingles entirely missing.

Whatever it is that you might discover, these signs are telling you that your roof is getting old. If you uncover the problem early enough, replacing the shingles might be sufficient to evade having to replace the entire roof. However, if the damage is too severe, a full replacement is due.

2. Roofing Particles Found in the Gutter

The shingles on the roof have tiny granules embedded in them for a few purposes. First, it protects the home from UV rays as well as to stave off the heat during hot weather. Second, the granules also enhance the roof’s ability to be fire-resistant. In other words, these granules keep the roof, and the home, safe.  

Unfortunately, age can cause these granules to come loose from the shingles. When it rains, and you find these granules in your gutter, you’ll need to replace the roof. If you do not do this, you expose the home to the risk of further damage, such as water leaking through the roof during a storm.

3. Light Seeping into the Attic

If you venture into the attic on a sunny day and discover light penetrating through the roof, it implies that there are holes and cracks.  

The real worry here isn’t that the sun is going to do something to your attic, but that rain or snow can enter. A good sign that water is leaking into your roof is with stains on the ceilings. If those stains change in shape while it is raining, you’ll need to have the roof fixed. If the holes are small, quick patching might do the trick. However, if your roof is old, patching it might not be enough anymore. In that case, a full roof replacement is best.


While your roof can be repaired and maintained to extend its life, sooner or later, you’ll need to have it entirely replaced. This is especially true if your roof is extremely old, and you’re discovering more and more problems despite the efforts you put into maintaining it. 

If you discover the signs we’ve shared with you here, have your roof checked. If a replacement is due, don’t hesitate to carry it out. Pushing the project away will only mean that damages are likelier to occur, and not only will the cost go higher, but the inhabitants of the home are at higher risk of injury or worse due to a damaged roof.

If you’re looking for professional help for your roof replacement in Cincinnati, get in touch with us today!


Drew Isenhour

Drew Isenhour

Owner of Gold Peak Roofing

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