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3 Guidelines to Follow Before Buying a Standing Seam Roof

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Different roofing systems can be seen in various types of home designs. One of the more common variations of roofing models is the standing seam metal roofs and flatlock metal roofs.

Metal standing seam roofs are a popular choice for residential properties. This is because installing in your home allows you to deal with the issue of water infiltration efficiently, and its addition of durability in terms of the material makes it a worthwhile investment.

Knowing the material for a Standing Seam Roof


Before you decide to install a standing seam roof for your home, it’s essential to gauge whether or not it will properly mesh with your home’s overall design. Installing a new roofing model means that you will need to deal with the proper consequences in terms of compatibility with the other areas of your home’s look. In this article, we will share with you three guidelines before buying a standing seam roofing:

1. Incorporate your home’s style


Before you decide to push through with a standing seam, determine first whether or not your home’s exterior look can complement it accordingly. Keep in mind that standing seam roofs are expensive, but besides the high price tag, the reason it isn’t as popular with all homes is that it sports a modern look that might not be compatible with older houses.

Knowing whether or not a standing seam roof is fit for your home is a matter of case by case basis. More often than not, design trends are figured out by people who are willing to take the risk of seeing something work. Installing one can look great with a modern farmhouse style home, but more traditional homes might not be as agreeable.

2. Judge your installations compatibility


A metal roof can feel like the best option for a modern home. It doesn’t only make a perfect aesthetic match, but its linear style can also provide a greater depth of field to your home’s inherent design. Know that metal roofing makes for an excellent accent to black windows. Though it might be a bit more expensive compared to other materials, its durability and resistance to different types of weather make for a worthy investment on your part.

3. Complement the palette


Now that you’ve checked off two of the most critical items on your checklist, it’s time to go for a purchase. The last aspect to check is deciding on the color of your seam roof. Metal can be a problematic material to gauge in terms of its glimmer and paint finish as it could reflect differently from your desired look when affected by light.

Though it can seem a bit tricky, an effortless way of figuring out whether or not you’ve chosen the right palette is to go for darker and warmer colors. Since metal is reflective, it’s better to opt for a shade that’s a few steps darker from your home’s accent. This is because the linear design of a standing seam could feel heavy on the eyes, which is why warm colors do not draw too much attention to it.



Besides its aesthetic contribution to your home’s look, standing seam roofs provide you with the added functionality of lasting durability. A homeowner must understand the value of every renovation in the long term. Specific attachments and installations can prove to be noteworthy features to your property’s portfolio, especially if you’re heading towards selling it on the market. When it comes to major home renovations, it’s crucial to employ a service that you can trust. If you’re looking to hire the best roofing contractors in Cincinnati, contact us today for your next home project!

Drew Isenhour

Drew Isenhour

Owner of Gold Peak Roofing

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