Leaky Box Gutters in Ludlow, KY

3 Causes of Leakage in Box Gutters & How to Fix Them

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Box gutters require a more meticulous approach in terms of maintenance and repair compared to other gutter types. Aside from being easily clogged, they tend to be hard to access too, which makes cleaning and rehabilitation more difficult. With that said, if you experience any leaks in your box gutters, it can be pretty tricky to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. 


Luckily, there are some things you can do before calling gutter contractors to help you. Here are three primary causes of leaks in box gutters and their corresponding fixes:


1) Damaged areas 


You might be wondering what causes your box gutters to leak even if you routinely clean them. The more probable cause is damaged areas, such as pinholes, rusting, disjointed connections, separated joints, and so on. Leaks happen because of spaces in your drainage area where water gets out instead of going to the drainage. 


Like any other materials, box gutter materials also have a service life and experience wear and tear over time. Additionally, metal fixtures not treated with anti-corrosion coating tend to degrade faster than others, which makes them rust quicker when it comes in contact with water. 


The Fix: For minor issues like holes and small damaged areas, use sealants to close the space. You should also use a reliable leaf blower to remove any accumulation of dirt and dust that hinders you from performing a thorough inspection.


2) Overflow of water


One of the most common reasons that cause leakage is the overflow of water. Two scenarios lead to that moment. First is the buildup of debris, which prevents the efficient water draining capabilities of the gutter and causes water to accumulate. Second is when there is a natural torrential downpour that exceeds the rate of water drainage. 


If you’re unsure if this is the case for your gutter leaks, check for discolored areas. When you see a discolored part, such as cracked chippings of paint, that indicates blockage because of the added weight of the accumulation of debris.


The Fix: Although you routinely clean your gutters, your downspout may be clogged. Since you cannot see the insides, you can infer a blockage if water backs up even if the rain is not that heavy. Sometimes, the blockage could reach your underground drainage too. When that happens, call for roof leak repair services near you to help you remedy the issue.


3) Water enters areas behind your gutter


The incorrect installation of gutters promotes the seepage of water inside your ceilings and walls. When that happens, water damage can occur in your home without you knowing. The mishap usually happens when the gutter front is in a higher position than its back. 


The Fix: Hire reliable and expert gutter installation professionals to avoid facing problems like these. Aside from the quality craftsmanship, their output also tends to last longer compared to average tradespeople. 




Establishing a maintenance and cleaning routine for your box gutters is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t develop any leaks. A clean and well-maintained box gutter efficiently drains water from your roof to prevent overflows and damage to your roofing. 


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Drew Isenhour

Drew Isenhour

Owner of Gold Peak Roofing

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